CHATT Testimonials from Leaders:

  • “The CHATT program has provided the level of training that all of our agents benefit from new, 1/2 cappers, cappers and megas. The quality of intstructors has been great. As a Team Leader I really appreciate the support and value it has brought to our market center. It has been a valuable resource to leverage with recruiting as well. All of the instructors have been so supportive when we have recruits attending and do a great job of highlighting the Keller Williams value.  We truly appreciate the opportunity to have this level of training brought to our market center. ”
    KW Danville
  • “The material has been incredible and the instructors are outstanding!”
    -KW Chico 
  • “We had over 60 agents and staff show up and they stayed from 9AM to 4PM because of how much value the class was bringing to every single agent’s business.”
    -KW Elk Grove
  • “The CHATT classes have been really great! At first our associates were reluctant to attend full day classes, however they found tremendous value in all of the classes. They are attending over and over again and even recommending that their friends attend as well.”
    -KW Silicon Valley 
  • “The instructors have been very well received, and we have even brought several back more than once. Frankly, I’m surprised more of the market centers aren’t taking advantage of this program for market share recruiting and retention.”
    – Richie Richardson, OP, KW Kauai

  • “CHATT classes help my MC recruit, and also bring my higher producing agents into the training room”
    -Rob Ross, TL, KW Silicon Valley

This is what attendees are saying about CHATT classes:

Agents Gone Mobile/ Master the KW Mobile Apps:

  • There are not enough positive accolades for Zach [Younger]-literally every market center should be REQUIRED to have these 2 classes with his knowledge and expertise at least 2 times a year-I’m a former TL and this brings huge value of what KW provides our associates!!
  • Very valuable content. Wish I had this sooner

Customer Experience 

  • “A multitude of excellent ideas, definitely worth the time. Although I questioned whether it would have been so before I took the class.”
  • “I flew into the Bay Area from LA to take the course after hearing about the CX model in a Family Reunion breakout and am SO glad that I did! So many great take-aways and so looking forward to bring the content back to my team.”
  • “Some of the best information I’ve received since starting real estate. Makes me feel even more confident that I made the right decision to come to work with KW.”
  • “Great information. Wonderful reminder of what I should be doing to help my business.”
  • “I am blessed to work with KW and have such wonderful opportunities to learn like this.”

How To Get To $100 Million–With Leverage

  • Awesome insights and details that are really going to help us!!!! Thank you!!!
  • Excellent class! I came away with several ideas to incorporate into my commercial team building.
  • Great info even if not ready to get a team started, start getting solid systems and procedures down before ramping up.
  • This will help me take my business to the next level.
  • This was a great class. Lots of information and tips. I would take again!!!!

Internet Lead Generation:

  • The instructor was engaging and full of energy. Made a long class very interesting and easy to stay tuned.
  • Everything was very well-written, and presented with enthusiasm!
  • I have learned techniques that I will be able to immediately implement.

Lead Generation and Mindset:

  • “Great presenter with powerful information and command of the room. Very engaging and game changing for my business.”
  • “Lots of great ideas and Aha’s to improve our lead generation skills. Joe [Gilmour] is a great presenter and very engaging.”
  • “Passionate and intelligent speaker that makes you want to do your best at anything – professionally and personally .”

Master Moving Your Business to the Next Level:

  • “The instructor is really amazing, excellence pouring out of his pores. Impressive info about tech, how to be up to date with online presence.”
  • “Great instructor.  Very knowledgeable.  Different than other listing classes!”
  • “Carl’s course equipped me with tools I need to grow to the next level. I am clearer in my goals and concepts. My “aha” is reflected from how I felt Carl’s course has changed my paradigm (way of looking at things and thinking). I feel confident. This is amazing!!! Besides the content and materials of the course, Carl is a role model for me. His “Person” (personality, attitude, approach etc) amazes me.”

Master Your Mobile Apps:

  • This was the best most “hands-on” useful class I have taken in a while.
  • Very patient, clear to understand, informational. Answered ALL questions thoroughly.
  • Great knowledge and has personal experiences with these Apps, so he was able to answer questions thoroughly. Got app setup, really grateful! Thank you!
  • Great content, very applicable.
  • KW makes us look good! Thank you!

MREA: Business Planning Clinic

  • “Great Energy, very relevant and relatable no matter what level of business you’re in”
  • “Awesome material and very interesting”
  • “Michael [Putnam] was amazing and this class will definitely help my business!”
  • “Michael gave great perspective and personal stories to support applying the techniques that made it seem doable. Greatly appreciate the time and sharing.”
  • “Best business planning clinic class I have ever taken! Very clear, passionate and fun interactive class. So many valuable nuggets. 3rd time taking the class.”

MREA: The 24 Topics

  • “Full of energy. This class seemed to fly by and he kept the audience engaged and participating”
  • “It was very apparent Joe [Gilmour] is not only passionate about real estate, but about helping people as well.”
  • “Resets your mind and gives you the path to follow to achieve your goal.”

The Six Personal Perspectives:

  • Great delivery and interaction. Very knowledgeable and relatable.
  • Zach’s passion and knowledge is very motivating. His AUTHENTICITY is evident and genuine, not off-putting or intimidating.
  • Well coordinated with visual aids. Great pacing–Simple and valuable exercises both individually and interactively. Loved being challenged to be uncomfortable.
  • The Six Personal Perspectives really helped get my business plan in order.

So I Have a Listing, Now what:

  • “The instructor shared so much valuable information and kept everyone engaged. This class really pumped me up and gave me great ideas that I will definitely implement.”
  • “Great content and communication. Carl wasn’t the star of the show, his content was, and he communicated it to us professionally and engagingly.”
  • “I really liked the teaching style, great speaking voice and very encouraging of questions and input.”
  • “The instructor showed all the tools, systems needed as to how to move on when I have a listing. My “aha”  Passion = love what I do, have fun and celebrate wins. So cool. THANK YOU, Carl.”

Win with Sellers:

  • The instructor really personalized the materials with stories and experiences. This confirmed I should not do some things I was questioning which essentially, I would have been wasting my money.
  • “Great! I have not taken full advantage of everything KW has provided me with to be better.”

Working Effectively with Buyers:

  • “Very informative class, he was engaged with the attendees until the very end.”
  • “Super informative with a ton of free and useful tools”
  • “The presentation was incredibly informatative and appreciated.”
  • “I learned a process and organizational approach to buyers that I was missing in my Real Estate business. Carl put it together in an easy cohesive format that I can personalize to my business.  Thank you, Mr. Medford!”