How CHATT Works

CHATT has assembled many of the region’s best instructors, and the classes they teach, to bring world-class training straight to your agents!  The Market Centers who partner with CHATT have the benefit of turn-key scheduling and planning for their classes all year.

Here’s what we will do:

  1. CHATT schedules FOUR digital classes per month on Zoom. We send your Market Center our calendar of events, along with registration links, flyers and social graphics for you to use to promote the classes. All of this is in one convenient place…in your CHATT Toolkit!
  2. In addition to providing 4 digital classes each month, we also provide two bonus meetings per month!
    • 1 hour–Open Forum with a CHATT instructor
    • 1 hour–Tech Tuesday/Thursday with a Tech Trainer
  3. One more bonus…Each quarter, one of these classes is taught by CHATT Founder, Beverly Steiner.
  4. We will manually approve registrations then send the meeting code and materials to all approved registrants!

Here’s what you will do:

  1. You will add the events to your training calendar and send your agents the flyers/links to register (that we have created for you).

There is no step 2…that’s really all you have to do! Contact CHATT today if you would like to bring top-notch training to your agents!