Materials – Win with Buyers

Below you’ll find links for the documents you’ll need for a successful Win with Buyers class.  Students will not need computers, only the manual.

  1. Win with Buyers Class Flier Please make a copy of this flyer before editing so you don’t overwrite anyone else’s edits.
  2. Win with Buyers Student Guide:  Print in-house or send out, whichever works best for you. We recommend you print double-sided and put the materials in a binder for everyone.
  3. Win With Buyers Attendee Toolkit: Please print this for the attendees.
  4. Class attendees need to come with the following:
    • Buyer leads to call for Appointment
    • List of lead sources with the number of sales from each source
    • Local market stats
    • Your current Value Proposition
    • Your Buyer Guide or eEdge Buyer Guide
    • Past client and vendor addresses
    • Notecards/stationery (perhaps the office can supply a bunch?)
    • Envelopes
    • Stamps
    • Business cards
  5. CHATT Class Roster– Send to immediately following the class. Indicate who your guests are.