Materials – The Six Personal Perspectives

Get ready to examine the mindset of a high achiever in The Six Personal Perspectives.  You will need the materials below for the class and to promote it; click the links to download them. Be sure and implement the 8 x 8 Action Plan to make sure you are able to pack the room for maximum results!

  1. The Six Personal Perspectives class needs: READ THIS FIRST
  2. Your Countdown for Success
  3. Class Flier:  Download the one for your instructor and edit the date, RSVP and location info.
  4. The Six Personal Perspectives Student Manual:  Print one for each attendee.  While not necessary, you may print the covers for the manual also:
  5. Six Personal Perspectives PowerPoint Presentation:  Be sure to load this on to a laptop hooked up to a projector.  If Zach Younger is your instructor, this step is not necessary.
  6. CHATT Class Roster– Send to immediately following the class. Indicate who your guests are.
  7. KWU Smartphone Evaluation