More Closings with KW Technology

The instructor for this class is:  Mike Devlin.

Are there agents in your office who need to get up and running with KW Technology?  If so, you need to book this full-day class which will aid them in:

  1. Getting their profiles to 100%
  2. Importing a database
  3. Creating and launching a campaign
  4. Setting up and download the KW Mobile app
  5. Setting up and launching the new KW Placester sites.
  6. Confidently explaining the benefits of the KW Mobile app to buyers and sellers
  7. Sharing the KW Mobile app with their social networks
  8. Time blocking and planning for incorporating their app into their marketing strategy

While covering the key lessons of KWU’s eEdge Database Quick-Start Workshop and Master Your KW Mobile App Workshop, this course will help any agent ramp up their use of the KW technology tools.