How to Build a Great Team Step-By-Step

When do you know you’re ready to start a team? Do you have the right team?

The answer depends on several factors:

  1.  Why do you want to build a team?
  2.  What type of team do you want to build?
  3.  How many buyers agents or team associates do you want to hire and when?
  4.  Do you have all of your essential business and real estate systems in place?
  5.  Do you have a solid administrative assistant on board already?
  6.  What are the commission splits for my team members?

To build the foundation of a profitable real estate team you must first have your own house in order. This requires that you have effective real estate systems in place that your team associates can simply plug-in to.  In Grow Your Team you will learn these systems.

Some of the foundations include the following:

  1.  Team real estate business plan and goals
  2.  Your vision, purpose and brand
  3.  Marketing and advertising
  4.  Your database and referral system
  5.  Listing and farming system
  6.  Buyer, escrow and transaction  management system
  7.  Lead generation and  follow-up systems
  8.  Internet and social media marketing

Most real estate agents who want to build a team aren’t actually ready to start. It is critically important that you follow a plan; don’t start your expansion without the end in mind.

“Systems make the ordinary extraordinary.” – John Maxwell