Here are some of the many of the classes that we offer.  Market Centers that are subscribed to our Program are encouraged to make requests for specific topics, so this list is ever-growing!

  1. Agent Branding
  2. All Hands on Tech
  3. Build a Purposeful Business–The Power of Planning Tools in Work and Life
  4. Command For Teams
  5. Command Unleashed (Command 102)
  6. Command Your Consumer Experience: KW App and Sites
  7. Customer Experience
  8. Dialing For Dollars
  9. Dive Into DocuSign
  10. Facebook Ads in Command
  11. Grow Your Profit Share Tree
  12. How To Get To $100 Million–With Leverage
  13. Lead Generate With Command
  14. Level Up Your Lead Generation
  15. Listing Presentations
  16. Master Moving Your Business to the Next Level
  17. MREA: Business Planning Clinic
  18. MREA: The 24 Topics
  19. ProfitAbility: Agent Financials
  20. Rookie of the Year Secrets: Year 1 Agent Success
  21. Safety By Choice, Not By Chance
  22. SHIFT: The 24 Topics
  23. Six Personal Perspectives
  24. So I Have A Listing…Now What?
  25. Social Media 101
  26. Success With Sellers
  27. The Six Personal Perspectives
  28. Welcome to Command (Command 101)
  29. Wealth Building
  30. What’s Your Database Worth?
  31. Win-Win Negotiations
  32. Win with Buyers
  33. Win with Sellers
  34. Working Effectively with Buyers

Sample Open Forum Topics:

Our “Open Forum” is a one hour interactive conversation between the instructor and the attendees. Here are some examples of topics we have covered:

  • Being Present and Building A Purposeful Life and Business
  • Career Development and Career Paths Inside of KW
  • DocuSign
  • Leadership
  • Managing A Team
  • Scripts
  • Seller Scripts
  • Time Management

Tech Tuesday/Tech Thursday Topics

Our Tech days are similar to the Open Forum, but they are more demonstrative of all things KW tech. It’s a great time for agents to ask questions and learn about the robust technology that is available to them. Here are some examples of topics we have covered:

  • Command Q&A
  • Opportunities
  • I Have A Command Facebook Lead: Now What?
  • Designs
  • 4 Core SmartPlans
  • Command MC