New Courses

New Class Spotlight!

We are thrilled to announce that Scott Ostrode is now teaching Win-Win Negotiations! 

“I am very excited to be rolling out this class because it is so timely in our present market. It covers topics that benefit both listing and buyer’s agent and will speak to both new agents and seasoned vets.”  -Scott Ostrode

This course is an amazing addition to the CHATT program, and one that we know will benefit our Market Centers immensely.  Great job, Scott!

Associates negotiate every day with sellers, buyers, co-op agents, vendors … the list goes on.  Discover the underlying principles of win-win negotiations that get deals done. Prepare with goals and strategies and know when to say no. Learn the tactics used in negotiating, when to use them, and how to counter when used on you. See how personalities of all parties play a key role in finding a compromise and reaching win-win outcomes.

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